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The Forgotten Dungeon cover

The Forgotten Dungeon

The Forgotten Dungeon is a simple yet challenging platformer in wich you take the control of an adventurer trapped on a dangerous dungeon filled with traps and enemies that want to kill you. Would you survive and reach the exit?



-Nice handmade pixel art graphics.

-Original Soundtrack-

-5 rooms with challenging traps and enemies (More enemy types, traps and
environments planned to be added on next updates.).

-Achievements. (Unlockables planned to be added on next update.)

-Easy gameplay control, click or space to jump.
Backspace for pause.
R to reset.

Click to jump, slide on the walls and click again to jump to the other side and change your run direction. You can not stop unless there is a block or a wall in front of you, so think about your movements carefully.

How to get the max score:

Complete all rooms of the dungeon (5 rooms) to win a star.
Collect all coins from the dungeon (3 each room) to win a second star.
Complete all rooms of the dungeon without dying even once to win a third star.

3 stars means you have beaten the game completely.

Hope you enjoy this little game, follow me on twitter or visit my web to be in touch and get news of future updates and projects.

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System requirements

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or equivalent processor.

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

VIDEO CARD: 3D graphics card with DirectX 9.0C.